Sound Healing


CALIBRATE offerS non invasive, holistic therapy to assist in the transformation of your personal well being, goals and overall success in life. All of existence is in constant vibration, including our cells and atoms. By calibrating and tuning our bodies into harmonic resonance with itself, we strive to prevent disease, emotional imbalances and illnesses within the body. 

Calibrate Sound Healing is dedicated to providing clear sonic support for injuries, traumas and stress relief. Guiding you into complete harmony and health through the use of vibrational massage tables, tuning forks, crystal bowls and the human voice in order to aid in the achievement of a higher quality of life and perception.

  • Treatments: You may choose a specific issue you would like to address or experience a comprehensive full body tune up. Sessions are great for reducing stress and anxiety with a huge varietal range from injury to counseling available. Specifically designed CD’s are also given to directly assist you outside of treatments during everyday life.
  • Session Overview: Each treatment varies to tailor to every clients individual needs, I would like to offer a sample combination of the various techniques involved with sound healing treatments. The session begins by bringing you into a state of relaxation and peace on a Sound Table; a massage table with powerful low frequency speakers mounted on the bottom of the table. The table itself acts as a speaker sending healing low end frequency vibrations throughout every cell of your body. 

    We progress to an acoustic Sound Bath on your mind body and soul from the Voice, Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and Tuning Forks. Combining intention with sound we bring you into harmonization with whatever you may be working with, or if nothings troubling you taking you to the next level of body awareness.
  • Pricing: Initial one time intake fee of $100 for 1 ½ hour appointment. $80 hour long follow up visit and $100 for 1 ½ hour continued sessions
    ~All pricing is a suggested donation, no one is turned away~
  • Appointments: Available by appointment only. Please contact to schedule a session. In home availability for small transportation fee. Serving Santa Cruz, Palo Alto and the Bay Area.


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